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It’s us, the Happiness Troupe!

It’s surreal to finally be writing here! After having endless conversations about creating the Happiness Troupe, we’ve finally landed. We’re here to make sure that you get to celebrate whatever you want. And that everybody can celebrate with you.

That’s why we’re working on beautiful, well made products for newborn babies,  expecting parents, lovers getting married, anyone brave enough to be or become themselves, and more. Because why go for less if you can celebrate things your way?

Who came up with this amazing idea of adding a dash of color to the world, offering a positive change for anyone who needs it, you ask? That would be Karen. My lovely wifey-to-be, our creative director, my biggest fan and definitely the romantic out of the two of us. She never stops imagining how good things can be, makes me the best gifts (honestly, who gets screen prints for Christmas?!) and has her gorgeous head in the clouds most of the time. Karen has a wonderful way of standing out, with her heaps of charisma and an energy that isn’t necessarily male or female but completely her own. This space, the Happiness Troupe, will be a reflection of that unique energy. 

And then there’s me, Nienke, ultimate side-kick and ball-buster. I make sure Karen gets to create. I’m pragmatic, decisive, a bit more extraverted than my dearest hermit, and definitely a pitbull when it comes to my goals. After leading teams and setting others up for success these past years, I’m ready to make the Happiness Troupe everything it can be. I believe this vision of ours is radiant, and one that needs to be shared.

We’ll work our butts off to make sure no one feels left out when they’re looking at what we offer here, but honestly, we’re human and we’re new at this, so please do reach out (there’s a section called contact dedicated to just that in the top menu) if you have thoughts on how we can do things even better. Heck, we might even listen!

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